10. 06. 2015

Visit from regional Avon company representatives

The Avon Sales Support Department representatives from all over the region have recently paid a visit to our agency and took part in an educational and creative workshop.


Department Manager, Vesna Cvetković, with whom we have been cooperating for a long-time, had had an idea to show the “other side of the coin” to her team, and get them to know a life of a creative agency a bit closer, that some of them contact just occasionally, through e-mails. Therefore, 14 ladies from Bulgaria, Serbia, FYRM, Albania and Montenegro came to Belgrade for a two-day teambuilding event.


Rarely are we in the position to spend some quality time with the clients, not having meetings or going over the current topics. So the ability to entertain at home turf and introduce ourselves, free of the usual jitters whether some solution will be accepted or not was quite inspiring to us. The whole thing was top secret, so the most of them did not even know what was exactly located at 3 Stojana Novakovića Str when they were dropped off in taxies straight from their hotels and right on the doorsteps of our little creative kingdom.

After having the general tour of the agency, the Avon Representatives got to know the creative process in three steps- consider the challenge, create the idea, and produce the solution. Our agency team went over
three case studies, and demonstrated how the work on different brands and projects looks like in practice.

A touching moment was the screening of an animation we have created from pieces of works we’ve built together over the years for Avon. Marija Diklić, our Account Director, who has been running Avon projects in the agency from the very start, points out that one very special moment: „ When you see something that you have already forgotten you worked on seven years ago, and go back to the good old times, when the marketing budgets allowed us to be super-creative, and some of our ideas got to be produced, and to top it all, you did it with the genuine youthful zeal and full heart, it is easy to get overpowered with emotions.“

The second part of the event was conceived as an interactive workshop in which one should apply all the newly acquired knowledge about the life and work of the creative agency. Three teams took part in an imaginary pitch for campaign for the Avon’s new product. Each team got a room, a foam board, a bunch of magazines, some markers and an hour and a half to come up with a solution and present it before the jury. The idea was to get to know each other better, to build an even sturdier cooperation, but most of all, to have some good times!