13. 09. 2016

Why is Jelen left without a horn?

client: Apatin Brewery

In cooperation with Jelen Beer, we came up with an idea how to announce the brand’s support of the Serbian Paraolympic Team


During the Paraolympic games in Rio, every 10th label of Jelen Beer is printed with only one horn, just as every 10th citizen of Serbia is a person with some sort of a disability.

The updated label is therefore a symbol of supporting our paraolympic team in Rio, but also all disabled people in Serbia in general, who are true champions in everyday life.


27. 01. 2016

New Tak crackers!

Jaffa improved its recipe and widened its Tak cracker flavor offer. Along with the new flavors, we also created a new design adapted to young consumers.

Besides the well-known Tak original, the portfolio is widened with new Tak flavors like Tak bacon and Tak picant.


Have a nice meal!

01. 01. 2016

Nešto lepo VOL. 3

client: Popular Bruketa & Žinić om

For the third year in a row, as a part of the Nešto lepo kao čokolada project, we raised funds for children from Belgrade’s Drop In.


This year we manufactured a special packaging which contained a hand made chocolate bar wrapped in high quality paper, as well as a specially made kit of stickers. Every donor could create a unique design for his chocolate and therefore besides doing something nice for others, make something nice for himself and his dearests. With all the funds raised with the sales of 300 special chocolate kits, just like last year, we provided new year’s gift bags for children from Belgrade’s Drop In, which were handed out by Santa during a play before New Year’s eve.


Ordering and donating money was done directly on the Drop In’s site, and the volunteers then delivered the chocolates to their homes.
All of the Nešto lepo čokolade found their owners in only a week!


Many of them shared their unique packaging with their friends on social networks, inviting others to join in and support our project.


12. 12. 2015

The new identity of Jelen beer

client: Apatin Brewery

The popular local beer has a new identity that we developped during the past few months



02 jelen pivo pakovanja redizajn popular

03 jelen pivo redizajn bombica 4 pack popularA complex book of standards has been created, where principles for the further development of the identity have been defined.

08 jelen-pivo-knjiga-standarda-popular
07 jelen pivo podmetaci popular

10 jelen-pivo-redizajn-majica-i-cep-popular
09 jelen-pivo-redesign-popular-image

11. 12. 2015

Press kit koji menja svet

client: AVON

As a part of the new Avon communication platform “ Your Beauty Changes the World” we have introduced to the public, is a special press kit which we have created for female journalists and bloggers sharing the same mission- Empowering Women.

We have invited them to take on the Avon challenge on social media and “forward”. To do that they will choose three females that are dear to them and remind them why #YourBeautyChangestheWorld, and then challenge them to do the same by choosing the next three women.

Challenge accepted, and the most beautiful words of thankfulness have started spreading across the social media. The goal was reached, and once again, it is clear that wonderful things happen when women support each other.

11. 12. 2015

Jaffa Fešta

client: Jaffa Crvenka

In October 2015, we launched a big Jaffa Fešta prize contest to celebrate their jubilee – 40 years of Jaffa Company from Crvenka

Celebrating the 40 years of existance on the market, the client wanted to attract attention of a younger target group – consumers of Jaffa cakes, but at the same time to evoke the relationship that older fans have with their favorite childhood brand. So we came up with a creative solution that’s modern , funny and playful.

The contest with daily and weekly prizes was realized as a part of the integral campaign including multiple communication channels: TV, radio, OOH, online. In order to promote it on places of sale, we designed a set of materials communicating the prizes and the mechanism of the contest.

TV video was envisioned as a parody of lifestyle rap stars, impersonated by our very own regional rap stars: Ajs Nigrutin and Who See. They composed and performed a special rap music theme dedicated to Jaffa Cakes.

The video had over 100 000 views on YouTube and a couple of thousand of likes in just a few days. The number of sent codes in the contest quickly outnumbered the client’s expectations.


09. 09. 2015

Sun Africa Visual Identity

client: Sun Africa

We created the visual identity for another foreign company specialized in the solar energy

Sun Africa was born from a joint venture between American Urban Green Technologies and Nigerian PERSOIL. The company offers a complete solution to either develop a solar project or invest in renewable energy.

After having successfully defined the identity of Urban Green Technologies based in Chicago, we dealt with the appearance of the new company, with offices on three continents and great potential.

The identity was applied on printed corporate materials and web site accordingly.


11. 06. 2015

CEBIS Visual Identity

client: CEBIS

We created the logo and the basic identity applications for a Slovakian cement manufacturercebis-logo-popular-animation

cebis-silo-popular cebis-truck-popular

06. 02. 2015

Redesign of the Austrian Apple Reseller

client: McShark

Our agency was hired to do the new identity for an Austrian Apple Premium Reseller

McShark was in 2014 taken over by iHaai.
After the merger they decided to keep the brand and hired our partnering – Bruketa&Žinić Wien agency to do a complete redesign.


Redesigning McShark visual identity has been one of the first projects during which we collaborated with our Vienna-based colleagues within B&Ž Group. As a result of our close cooperation, McShark ended up with a new, modern look followed by a design manual.






25. 12. 2014

Pure Hello! exoticism

client: Fruvita

While introducing the new, redesigned packaging for Hello! fruit beverages, together with Fruvita company our agency launched the new communication platform for the brand

The communication is based on the main characteristic of the Hello! products – fun flavors of exotic fruit. Along with the slogan Pure exoticism, we came up with a brand mascot, the exotic parrot Paja.



The first creative campaign on the new platform began with the teaser faze. We drew attention to Paja’s witty replicas, using street posters and Facebook posts.


In the second faze of the campaign, we introduced 2 commercials, with Paja and the well known young actor Viktor Savić, as himself.

The campaign was rounded through the rest of the communication channels: radio, outdoor, POSM and print.




02. 12. 2014

Something Nice Like Chocolate, Vol. 2

client: Popular Bruketa & Žinić om

Our agency’s humanitarian project was finished successfully last week


001-rucni-rad003-cokolada-nekolikoNešto lepo kao čokolada, which aims to support the Drop In Center in Belgrade, has gathered many people last Wednesday, on an exhibition of the installation of 300 unique, designed chocolate bars.


Previously reserved via nestolepo.rs website, the chocolate bars were given away at the exhibition, for a donation of 1000 dinars per chocolate. The money collected this way is going to be used for buying 300 New Year presents for the children of the Drop In Center in Belgrade.

007-sajt009-devojcica-bira-cokoladuA big thanks to all the donors and our partners, and see you next year!


08. 10. 2014

Ludo Gelateria

client: Ludo

During the summer, a town near Florence – Follonica, got a new ice cream parlour we created the visual identity for


Quality, organic ingredients from the local area, absence of additives, limited, daily manufacture, dedication to the final product that distinguish Ludo brand from its competition, served as our main inspiration for the project.



Besides the logo we made using custom-made typography, we also defined the rest of the visual identity elements. We designed the ice cream cups and a set of promo materials.


Finally, we summed everything up in a Design Manual, that will enable the client to manage Ludo identity easily in the future.


19. 09. 2014

Personal Identity

client: Personal

One of our recent projects includes creating a brand new – verbal and visual, identity for a Belgrade based jewelry store


Client wanted us to create a new brand that would distance itself enough from their original jewelry store that would continue to exist. The process of working on the project included, among other things, market research, defining strategy and brand positioning.

That’s how Personal came to life, a brand equally dedicated to building a personal relationship between the maestro behind the jewelry and the customer, as to the very process of creating each and every individual piece of jewelry. Along with the name of the brand, we introduced the slogan: Jewelry with touch.

Soon enough, Personal got its visual identity: sophisticated and refined, to match its characteristics and the new enterier of the shop in Hyatt Regency Hotel. The typography used in the logotype design was modified for the occasion.

We applied the visual identity onto stationery, the set of luxury jewelry packages we previously designed and in design of the new website as well.




19. 09. 2014

Packaging redesign of Danubius Durum

client: Delta Agrar

One of Delta Agrar’s brands – Danubius, needed packaging redesign for Durum pasta

Our idea was to achieve an esthetic of natural and healthy, communicating directly the main character of the product – durum wheat, using the functional element of packaging – display.


The main characteristic of Durum pasta has also been emphasized through the new slogan we came up with – The best of wheat.

After the new packaging and the slogan were defined, we designed the necessary promo materials.

19. 09. 2014

Urban Green Technologies

client: Urban Green Technologies

We created visual identity & website for the American client

Urban Green Technologies is a company specialized in development of solar energy projects. In cooperation with the biggest global companies in the domain of construction and architecture, Urban Green Technologies is building solar fields up to 50 MW.











As a result of our cooperation, the company now has a recognizable visual identity, as well as corporate website and various promo materials.




UGT PDF brosura

04. 04. 2014

Recipe for Cash of UniCredit Bank – extension

client: UniCredit Bank

After the initial campaign to promote cash loan with insurance in 2013, we realized its extension

We retained the main idea and the slogan: “If you fell into the sauce” from the previous campaign, but we relocated action from the kitchen to the city streets, in an attempt to show what it looks like when someone actually fells into the sauce, in a funny and metaphorical way.

The hero of our TVC – Serbian actor Nebojša Ilić is trying to solve various problems he comes across in his everyday life. In a charming manner, we aimed at passing the basic message clearly – if you have a problem, UniCredit Bank is there to support you.


Besides the TVC, the campaign includes other channels of communication as well: radio, outdoor, POSM, print and web.


30. 01. 2014

Wherever you go, take your Jaffica with you!

client: Jaffa Crvenka

After extensive preparations, our client Jaffa finally launched its first chocolate bar with Jaffa cakes’ flavor!

Besides its recognizable taste, Jaffica’s main characteristic is its size that makes it easy to take with you wherever you go.

After designing the packaging which relies on the existing Jaffa cakes identity, we conceived a regional campaign which started by airing two TV spots in Serbia and in other countries of the region.

The idea of the campaign was to convey a message to the public that their distinctive Jaffa cakes is now available in a takeaway format, just as the slogan says.

After a succesful cooperation on the last Jaffa cakes campaign, once again we decided to cooperate with our experienced duo – director Srđan Dragojević and actor Branko Đurić Đuro.


24. 12. 2013

Something Nice Like Chocolate

client: Popular Bruketa & Žinić om

This year we have come up with an idea to welcome the new year with a humanitarian action

We gathered a wider team of cooperatives and friends, united together in a wish to give some joy to the ones that need it most. We created a special, limited edition of 300 hand-made milk chocolate bars.

Each of the ten different covers contains a unique design made especially for the occasion. The limited number of carefully produced and wrapped chocolate bars will be available for a donation in return. The entire income will go to the Drop in Center in Belgrade.

We preserved the entire making of process in a short video:

17. 12. 2013

The sweetest factors!

client: Jaffa Crvenka

Our client has decided to sponsor one of the main global shows – The X Factor, with an aim to support and encourage young talents


The products in focus of communication are Jaffa cakes® and Munchmallow. We’ve been engaged in creating their performance on the big stage.

We decided to put the two biscuits to life by creating funny mascots that performe together under the name “The Sweetest Factors”.

Their adventures were shown through a series of short animated videos within the regular X Factor program.

Apart from TV, Jaffa and Munch were to be found on packages designed especially for the occasion, as well as on You Tube and website. The website was meant to serve as a means of communicating with the Sweetest Factors and applying for various competitions leading to the spectacular X Factor Finals!


29. 11. 2013

Recipe for Cash of UniCredit Bank

client: UniCredit Bank

The new campaign for cash loan with insurance we created, has just been launched

The creative concept is based on everyday situations – small kitchen accidents that happen in familiar surroundings. The kitchen proved to be the ideal environment for the service, and Recipe for Cash – the perfect name for it.


The concept was applied on a series of three short TV commercials, showing the three benefits of the product: insurance, larger amount and favorable interest rates.

Apart from TV, we adjusted the creative solution for the campaign to different communication channels: radio, outdoor, POSM, print and web, with an idea to represent the UniCredit Bank’s service in a universal and somewhat unexpected way.



08. 11. 2013

One or two spicy pieces are waiting for you!

client: PepsiCo Marbo

Our agency delt with packaging design and creative campaign concept for the new snack


PepsiCo Marbo has launched a totally unique snack on the market, and we have been engaged in creating the packaging design, as well as the concept for the campaign.


Clipsy Shock is identical to Clipsy Chicken Drums, with one important difference – inside the bag there are also a couple of extremely spicy pieces!

Because the spicy drums look exactly like the regular ones, we thought that the new product is ideal for small home pranks. That’s how we came up with the slogan for the campaign – Shock your dad (mum, brother, sister, pal, granny, neighbor, teacher, best man…) when he’s least prepared!



Beside the standard ATL channels of communication, we also developed a Facebook prize application – Shock your profile!


05. 10. 2013

Application for self-examination helping fight breast cancer

client: Popular Bruketa & Žinić om

If it is detected in time, breast cancer is curable in more than 90% of the cases.


CICE is a mobile application, reminder and guide to self-examination. Besides the guide, the app also gives out other useful information such as an adress book with all the institutions where you can ask for professional help.


10. 05. 2013

UniCredit Selector Campaign

client: UniCredit Bank

At the beginning of May, the campaign to promote the newly created Package Account of UniCredit Bank has started off


Considering the innovativeness of the account in terms of giving the clients a possibility to create a choice of additional services themselves, therefore defining a price of their monthly account maintenance, it was necessary for us to create a wholesome and adequate communication strategy to promote such a service.


In the process of creating the strategy, we decided to emphasize the key benefit of the service – the possibility to combine (to make one’s own choice), in accordance with the need of an average Serb to become a selector, regardless of the situation. The client in this case makes a selection of players (services), therefore choosing a formation that suits him/her best.


The name of the service has been created to fit in the overall concept (Selector Account). Throughout the campaign, different channels are being used: TV, radio, outdoor, POSM, print, and web. We adjusted the communication to each of the channels, with an aim to represent UniCredit Bank’s service in as more simple and attractive way as possible.


By shooting a scene inside a typical Serbian home on a football night, we created a bond with the entire creative concept in a slightly comical way, yet very true to life. “We are all a little bit selectors” is a punch line famous commentator Milojko Pantić has, while finishing the TVC accordingly.

24. 04. 2013

Jaffa on social networks

client: Jaffa Crvenka

The well-known brand wanted to expand its online presence


The Facebook profile of Jaffa Company Crvenka is one of the most visited ones in Serbia.


During the spring campaign for Jaffa cakes®, our aim was to make sure that the fan-base kept growing by updating client’s Facebook page with engaging content.


We conceived the Facebook posts so that they supported the ATL campaign, sparked the interaction with users and made them feel as part of one long-lasting, successful story. In just 45 days, the number of fans was increased by almost 50.000, while statistics for single posts were: over 1.000 likes and dozens of comments for each.


At the beginning of May 2013, we created a new app – Add Jaffa Friend, for Jaffa cakes® to activate on its Facebook profile.


The idea was to start one’s own Jaffa string of friendship and enroll in a contest. The winner with a longest string was going to win a tablet along with an opportunity to choose which children’s institution would receive a shipment of Jaffa cakes.

05. 03. 2013


client: Jaffa Crvenka

JAFFO brand needed some help with creating a new brand strategy that would ensure its further existence in the Jaffa family.



We treated JAFFO as a brand that communicates above all with the youngest population, and in accordance with that, we created the entire visual identity. At the end of the creative process, the brand was transformed, the product improved, while the name remained the same.


We created 5 different, imaginary characters as a part of the new communicational platform, representing 5 different flavors, each with its own name, look, and characteristics. That way we managed to realize the client`s idea to have a brand mascot, by creating characters whose faces appear on the packages themselves, as mascots.













Besides TVCs, the campaign which is based on the new platform included a new mini site and various POS materials. We`ve also introduced fun applications – JAFFOTAPANJE facebook battleship game and a mobile alarm clock – JAFFO Jutro!.




10. 02. 2013

JAFFO on Web

client: Jaffa Crvenka

During 2012, we created different online materials for JAFFO brand


The autumn campaign included launching a mini website for the brand, communicating with the youngest population.

The platform introduces the new JAFFO crew to the viewers in a fun way, offers different desktop and mobile wallpapers and music to download, and holds information about past and future actions of the cheerful crew.


Well aware of the fact that we could reach the young consumers by using unconventional communication channels, we decided to make a simple mobile app – JAFFO MORNING! It’s an alarm clock for those who get up early and like to start their day with a favorite tune they can pick themselves.


The autumn campaign for JAFFO was supported online with a Facebook game – JAFFOTAPANJE.

It is actually a well-known game – Battleship, which was given a JAFFO makeover. Players have a chance to show their strategic skills and test their intuition by playing JAFFOTAPANJE against other Facebook users or against the computer.

20. 11. 2012

Go sushi go!

client: Go Sushi

We played around with Japanese tradition and created visual identity of the newly opened sushi restaurant in the capital

15. 10. 2012

Bank close at hand

client: UniCredit Bank

We helped UniCredit Bank to start a campaign to promote its electronic banking services


Although electronic banking wasn’t anything new, its usage among the bank’s clients was insignificant, so it needed to be promoted more directly.


We wanted to bring the set of electronic services (e-banking, m-banking and ATM) to the widest range of clients, so we came up with the new name: “Bank close at hand”.


The easy access, within a push of a button, and the simplicity of usage, were put in the focus of the campaign. As part of it, we created a mini website as well. Its main role was to inform the visitors in a simple and understandable way about the basic characteristics of electronic banking. Three services were presented in three different sections of the website through a step-by-step guide.

01. 10. 2012


client: Kielo

In partnership with Kielo travel agency, we’ve recognized the necessity of creating the first detailed online guide for Belgrade, primarily aimed for foreign visitors

Belgrade today is one of European capitals with a constantly increasing number of tourists per year, offering the most diverse and rich content to its visitors. These were some of the arguments that helped us in deciding to create this kind of guide. We’ve designed Belgradian portal to reflect the vibrancy of the Serbian capital and at the same time, to offer all relevant information in an easy and clear manner.


Thanks to the regular updates and detailed information, Belgradian has become a reliable partner in planning a trip to Belgrade, thus recording a constant rise in the number of visits.

04. 04. 2012

Pardon Redesigned

client: PepsiCo Marbo

Our agency conceived the new look of the entire well known portfolio


Marbo decided on accentuating additionally quality and contents of its Baked category products, by redesigning the whole Pardon portfolio.


The existent packages` look is made more warm and rustic, in accordance with the contents and the preparation of the products themselves. The logotype now communicates independently the fact that Pardon is a natural and balanced snack, using a golden-earthly combination of colors, an illustration of wheat grain to underline the logotype, as well as harmonized typography.


The packaging photography, with minimal resources used, in a spontaneous and simple way, along with the quality stamp, highlights the product quality.


There is yet another novelty Marbo is introducing with the new redesigned Pardon – reduced amount of raw material and colors used in the production of packaging, which is an adequate contribution to saving the environment.

03. 04. 2012

Super 7

client: Serbian National Lottery

In the playful world of Greb Greb fingers, a true superhero has emerged!


Super 7 is the new lottery ticket of Serbian National Lottery, and its name and game mechanism inspired us to create a super-fresh design to go with, still promoting the key element of the brand – the fingers.


The newest TV commercial, as well as a series of teaser posters we produced, introduces the Super 7 ticket, taking the Greb Greb campaign further.


06. 02. 2012

Let’s start with the letter… Sofi

client: Sofi

We designed the new bath bombs packages for the natural cosmetics manufacturer

We created the design for the product line so that each of them is differentiated from the rest, by adding a separate initial of its name. Having done so, we managed to maintain a strong visual identity of the whole category of products, as well as to create a distinctive graphical element to ensure that new packages are noticeable in sales points.


In addition, this way of typography usage in creating packaging design is not so common within the domestic market, which makes it more differentiated when it comes to competition. While creating the typography characters, we tried to add a particular handmade touch to it, which is a characteristic of the entire range of SOFI organic products.


18. 01. 2012

Busy fingers

client: Serbian National Lottery

Serbian National Lottery launched the new campaign for Greb Greb – the instant lottery tickets brand


We conceived and realized an integral campaign in which we represented fingers as the key element of communication, easily translating its main characteristic – the easiest way to have fun, but to win as well.


In accordance with the new platform, we created a few TV commercials, as well as billboards and POS materials.

In order to bring our idea closer to the public and convey at least a part of the positive atmosphere that was in the air during the realization of the campaign, we organized an exhibition of video materials and mock-ups used in the making of TV commercials. A kind of a competition was organized during the opening, enabling the visitors to participate actively and express their creativity.


We launched a new Greb Greb web site, as well as both Facebook and Twitter profiles that viewers can use to inform themselves of all Greb Greb novelties.


Greb Greb fingers continued their adventure in the months that came. In cooperation with the client, new lottery tickets were promoted and new TV commercials were launched, in accordance with previously established communication strategy.


After only five weeks of the launch, the campaign has contributed to achieving a significant rise in sales by almost 40%.

23. 09. 2011

What`s your Chipsy flavor?

client: PepsiCo Marbo

Within the contest Marbo organized, we adjusted the design of the existing portfolio and designed the new packages of the finalist flavors


Until recently, a big quest for 3 completely new flavors that will in the future be a part of the regular Chipsy range of products, has been going on. In this way the customers were directly involved in the process of selection, and the most creative ones will be rewarded.


First of all, we adjusted the existing packaging of total 19 Chipsy flavors to the contest, and now we have a chance to present design of the finalists’ packaging.


In the New Year`s eve we will find out if Serbia 2012 will smell like barbecue, mum`s cabbage rolls or pickled food…

18. 07. 2011

Gud sunflower and pumpkin seed

client: PepsiCo Marbo

Snacks can be healthy


PepsiCo Marbo decided to bring a new product into the market: sunflower and pumpkin salty seeds, and we tried to make design of the packages attractive.


12. 07. 2011

Beldocs 2011.

client: Beldocs

Third year in a roll our agency has created the identity for the documentary film festival

This year we found inspiration in a documentary by the controversial street artist Richard Banksy: “Exit Through the Gift Shop”. The whole design of the material was imagined as a kind of homage to graffiti movement and street art in general.


08. 07. 2011

The Brand New Dini

client: PepsiCo Marbo

Marbo Company, a local market leader in the production of snacks, has decided to give a brand new image to an already existent product intended primarily for children

The idea was to offer the client a new concept based on children`s true fascination with dinosaurs, along with a modern packaging design and three new characters to promote different flavours.

The suggested identity was adjusted to a new strategy, by which the characters communicate with the primary target group – children, offering them both fun and tasty snack.

Based upon the new concept, various kinds of promo-material were designed as well.


29. 06. 2011

Mikser Identity 2011

client: Mikser

We grabbed brushes, sprays and cans full of color and struck out with yellows and blacks

Mikser festival is this year more diverse than ever, and we made an effort to create an adequate visual identity and materials to accompany its rich programme.

Take a look at a piece of our creative process, and how it all turned out in the end.



10. 06. 2011

Sofi – Natural handmade soaps

client: Sofi

A small family manufacture of fresh handmade soaps, has of recently got a completely new visual identity and packaging design


We based the design on the main characteristic of Sofi products: quality of the resources used in the process of production. We also created the packaging design for soaps, lip balms and gift packages in line with the new identity.


A wall illustration was made especially for the Sofi showroom in Novi Sad.


With minimal investments, we managed to make the brand recognizable on the local market and to improve its product sales in general.

04. 04. 2011

TOTO campaign

client: Serbian National Lottery

Serbian National Lottery decided to reintroduce its sports prognosis to the market

The visual identity and communication strategy for TOTO were created in order to draw some experienced guys, the true fans of sports prognosis.

Using the recognizable slogan: “For experienced guys”, we continued working on the campaign and realized – TV and radio commercials, print, billboard, and other promotional materials.


22. 03. 2008

Beta RFI Visual Identity

client: Beta RFI

Two leaders in the media world: news agency Beta and radio station RFI (Radio France Internationale) have merged together to create a radio station called Beta RFI


Its dynamical identity, of which the key element is a red circle, is designed by our creative team. The main element was stylized and interpreted in several different ways, for the purpose of a broader communication.

A system of interchangeable visual elements was defined, providing the identity with a fresh and different look at all times. By using always the same combination of red and white colors, we ensure a consistency in design of all materials.


10. 10. 2007

O’ clock Identity and Packaging

client: O' clock

We created the name, the mascot and the packaging design for the first product of the new local confectionery manufacturer