17. 12. 2013

The sweetest factors!

client: Jaffa Crvenka

Our client has decided to sponsor one of the main global shows – The X Factor, with an aim to support and encourage young talents


The products in focus of communication are Jaffa cakes® and Munchmallow. We’ve been engaged in creating their performance on the big stage.

We decided to put the two biscuits to life by creating funny mascots that performe together under the name “The Sweetest Factors”.

Their adventures were shown through a series of short animated videos within the regular X Factor program.

Apart from TV, Jaffa and Munch were to be found on packages designed especially for the occasion, as well as on You Tube and website. The website was meant to serve as a means of communicating with the Sweetest Factors and applying for various competitions leading to the spectacular X Factor Finals!