11. 12. 2015

Jaffa Fešta

client: Jaffa Crvenka

In October 2015, we launched a big Jaffa Fešta prize contest to celebrate their jubilee – 40 years of Jaffa Company from Crvenka

Celebrating the 40 years of existance on the market, the client wanted to attract attention of a younger target group – consumers of Jaffa cakes, but at the same time to evoke the relationship that older fans have with their favorite childhood brand. So we came up with a creative solution that’s modern , funny and playful.

The contest with daily and weekly prizes was realized as a part of the integral campaign including multiple communication channels: TV, radio, OOH, online. In order to promote it on places of sale, we designed a set of materials communicating the prizes and the mechanism of the contest.

TV video was envisioned as a parody of lifestyle rap stars, impersonated by our very own regional rap stars: Ajs Nigrutin and Who See. They composed and performed a special rap music theme dedicated to Jaffa Cakes.

The video had over 100 000 views on YouTube and a couple of thousand of likes in just a few days. The number of sent codes in the contest quickly outnumbered the client’s expectations.