24. 04. 2013

Jaffa on social networks

client: Jaffa Crvenka

The well-known brand wanted to expand its online presence


The Facebook profile of Jaffa Company Crvenka is one of the most visited ones in Serbia.


During the spring campaign for Jaffa cakes®, our aim was to make sure that the fan-base kept growing by updating client’s Facebook page with engaging content.


We conceived the Facebook posts so that they supported the ATL campaign, sparked the interaction with users and made them feel as part of one long-lasting, successful story. In just 45 days, the number of fans was increased by almost 50.000, while statistics for single posts were: over 1.000 likes and dozens of comments for each.


At the beginning of May 2013, we created a new app – Add Jaffa Friend, for Jaffa cakes® to activate on its Facebook profile.


The idea was to start one’s own Jaffa string of friendship and enroll in a contest. The winner with a longest string was going to win a tablet along with an opportunity to choose which children’s institution would receive a shipment of Jaffa cakes.