01. 01. 2016

Nešto lepo VOL. 3

client: Popular Bruketa & Žinić om

For the third year in a row, as a part of the Nešto lepo kao čokolada project, we raised funds for children from Belgrade’s Drop In.


This year we manufactured a special packaging which contained a hand made chocolate bar wrapped in high quality paper, as well as a specially made kit of stickers. Every donor could create a unique design for his chocolate and therefore besides doing something nice for others, make something nice for himself and his dearests. With all the funds raised with the sales of 300 special chocolate kits, just like last year, we provided new year’s gift bags for children from Belgrade’s Drop In, which were handed out by Santa during a play before New Year’s eve.


Ordering and donating money was done directly on the Drop In’s site, and the volunteers then delivered the chocolates to their homes.
All of the Nešto lepo čokolade found their owners in only a week!


Many of them shared their unique packaging with their friends on social networks, inviting others to join in and support our project.