10. 05. 2013

UniCredit Selector Campaign

client: UniCredit Bank

At the beginning of May, the campaign to promote the newly created Package Account of UniCredit Bank has started off


Considering the innovativeness of the account in terms of giving the clients a possibility to create a choice of additional services themselves, therefore defining a price of their monthly account maintenance, it was necessary for us to create a wholesome and adequate communication strategy to promote such a service.


In the process of creating the strategy, we decided to emphasize the key benefit of the service – the possibility to combine (to make one’s own choice), in accordance with the need of an average Serb to become a selector, regardless of the situation. The client in this case makes a selection of players (services), therefore choosing a formation that suits him/her best.


The name of the service has been created to fit in the overall concept (Selector Account). Throughout the campaign, different channels are being used: TV, radio, outdoor, POSM, print, and web. We adjusted the communication to each of the channels, with an aim to represent UniCredit Bank’s service in as more simple and attractive way as possible.


By shooting a scene inside a typical Serbian home on a football night, we created a bond with the entire creative concept in a slightly comical way, yet very true to life. “We are all a little bit selectors” is a punch line famous commentator Milojko Pantić has, while finishing the TVC accordingly.